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Do Less & Stand Out - The Webinar

Learn from Andy Rosic

It’s your turn.

You do so much. Too much, if we’re honest. Usually in service of recognition.

The answer is counterintuitive. We have to do less to stand out. Think about someone you know who is ‘good’ at a ton of things. Are they amazing at any of them? Typically not. In the same way, are you amazing at everything you’re doing in your role? Every. Single. Thing? 

I’ve designed a webinar to help you flip your own script in order to stand out and amaze people.

This has worked for hundreds of people, moving them from overworked and stressed to focused and promoted. It will work for you, too.

Think about the people you respect most, you idolize, or you wish you could be. I bet every single one of them is known for one simple thing. It’s why you remember them. It’s why you follow or fan over them. And that’s what is possible for you!

I only run this webinar twice per year, so if you miss this one you’ll have to wait a while.

This webinar is online for convenience, and hosted during ‘US’ hours.


The webinar is a blend of systems to both help you reduce the volume of things you do as well as systems to accelerate and simplify the things you choose to continue doing.


    • Motivation!
    • Effective ways to delegate successfully
    • How to choose what goes and what stays
    • When to do, when to AI, when to delegate
    • Expectation management – to help others see your true value
    • Practical everyday tools and frameworks
    • Guides, docs, and processes to keep you on track

You are worth it, so register today. The earlier you register the less you pay. That’s right, the price goes up the longer you put it off.

Invest in yourself like you deserve it. Because you do!