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“Product strategy is the discipline to find and amplify leverage.”

-Andy Rosic


They call me “the most hated product consultant”. Why? Because, I show you just how easy it is to make great product strategy decisions, and find the strongest product market fit. It turns out that almost anyone can do this.

It’s not magic. It’s not guesswork. And (sorry) you’re not that unique as a company. So, quit struggling and start growing. You honestly can’t ignore this. Putting these frameworks in place will enable you to shine.

I’ve helped people drive over 100% growth for two different public company divisions, and supported teams to scale into the billions. I’ve helped founders raise angel and VC funding, find what it takes to grow rapidly in new markets, and negotiate acquisitions. I even once inspired Jack Dorsey, leading to the launch of Square.

What are you trying to achieve?
  • A first revenue milestone?
  • Expansion into a new market or user persona?
  • Beat the competition during sales calls?
  • Product led growth?
  • Reduced support calls, or churn, or cost?
  • Growth to expand, or to raise funding?

This is accessible, affordable, and achievable. It starts with a 1-hour session where I teach you how to do it along with me. Or choose an hour and a half for you and your whole team. No further commitment required. I guarantee you’ll find value or I’ll refund you in full.

Whether you’re an individual or an entire team, just starting or expanding, I’m here for you. 


Let’s do this!


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Employees of and companies who’ve benefited from my product strategy frameworks: The American Cancer Society, Kroger, DTE Materials, Apple, Metaplex Studios, Warner Bros, General Mills, The Home Depot, Cvent, Vivastream, Scout App, Hubb, Toolbelt, Portland State University, Sourced, 5th Kind, Thumb Arcade, Player 01, Marvel Studios, Universal, General Electric, Nordstrom, Verizon, Mama Soul, SkyCap, Intention Labs, RebelBase, KeepWith, iambic, Brilliantly.
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