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andy wields axes

Chopping with axes is not related to growth hacking, at all


I’m Andy, and that’s me mixing chopping and hacking metaphors, which may be very Pacific Northwest of me but does little to clarify things.

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Anyway, in my emails, I share things like my own stories with growth hacking (successes and flops) and how you can do it well — avoiding my mistakes — without spending days, weeks, or months trying to figure it out.

I’ve made this quick video on the fly to talk about fundamentals of growth hacking.


I am a repeat founder, and product guy, who’s had 3 exits and grown revenue as much as 20x. Learn more about that on here on my site.

I didn’t start out as an entrepreneur or founder, though. I was always a product manager, and sort of stumbled into the rest. (It’s a long story). Fast forward a few years of trying to get startups off the ground, and I began to see some trends in what triggers rapid growth. Without … selling the farm.

Why spend money on ads or marketing if you don’t yet know what works, right? That’s why I am sharing this proven guide for free.

Why did I choose these particular growth hacks?

I took tons of the best hacks from Dropbox, Airbnb, Lyft, Unbounce, Twitter, Buffer, and so many others and distilled them down to the twenty most used and most successful. Then I thought, if these are working for me why not make them into a free guide for you.

The guide includes links to everything – where other’s are using a hack example, free or inexpensive tools and software, quotes and background from people like Andrew Chen and Sean Ellis.

It’s practical, helpful, and challenging. It will probably make you kick yourself wondering why you weren’t already doing more of these.

Oh, and they work for anyone. Not just startups. Growing and established companies can also leverage these powerful growth hacks.

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The guide includes everything you need


  1. What is growth hacking?
  2. Why use growth hacking?
  3. How do you learn it?
  4. Top 20 hacks
  5. A bajillion links
  6. Tons of goodwill – hoping you crush it