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What do Alicia Dixon, Scott Belsky, Janna Bastow, Dan Olsen and I have in common? We’ve all been recent guests on The Everyday Innovator podcast with the doctor of product innovation, literally, Chad McAllister, Ph.D., NPDP, CIL, PMP.

Chad is a gracious and humble host, and brings out a great conversation every time.

If you don’t already listen, then check out my linked episode below and then follow the rabbit trail to see where it ultimately leads – to product enlightenment.

A path to less stressful projects at any scale.

If you have ever thought that a project you worked on had too much drama and unnecessary conflict — that the project should have been easier for everyone involved — then this episode is for you.

Chad and I explore how to have less stressful projects by using Projectopia, my simple method for project planning and product leadership.

With this method, you can crush your big projects and you can do it without stress, and with clarity, direction, and efficiency.

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