The Webinar

Stand Out

Systems & Process

Nobody can do less without a method to make it happen. It may feel like magic when you get there, but it takes systems and processes to achieve it. The webinar is filled with easy to follow tools.

Dial It Back A Bit

Introspection and asking the right questions will reveal what you should do more of and what to dial back. Parts of the session dive into this with examples, and then you use the  guides to complete your personal journey.


Saying no and removing things is fun and freeing. But to stay committed to this you must have clarity around what your core focus is. This will create your tipping point and ongoing motivation.

What To Expect

This is the least webinar webinar you’ll probably ever attend. It’s fast-paced, over-packed with real stories and examples, and will light a fire in you to keep doing the work afterward. I typically bring on well-known guests to help hammer home key points.

10,000 Hours in 1 Mega-Session

There’s no substitute for doing the work. For trying, failing, adjusting, and eventually finding success. However, you can definitely shorten the process and improve the results with great coaching. That’s why I call weekly athletic work “training” and not “practice”. If you train, you learn, try, fail, and improve. If you practice, you simply repeat what you already know. Do you want more of what you have, or do you want something different? Something better?

Special Guests + Tools For Days

Sometimes I pre-announce special guests and sometimes I surprise attendees. The point is that more expertise and more relatable stories always help us engage and apply more. And, the webinar is awesome and all, but you will have real work to do to achieve the outcomes you desire. That’s where tools come in — you’ll leave with interactive guides, documents, planning sheets, and more. The webinar is the motivational kick-start, and the work you carry on afterward is where the results happen!


The webinar is online and easily accessible (in English and hosted during US hours). If you want more, and occasional IRL connection, then join the community, too.


Andy is not an influencer or sideline cheerleader. He’s launched multiple startups, raised millions in funding, and generated billions in revenue. His program works.


Not only do you get to see who attends your webinar, with opportunity to connect, but you are also encouraged to join the community where you can grow and support one another.


“I’m a classic over-doer! I had always thought more was better. Andy showed me how to simplify, and now I work less hours and cleared $200k last year.” -Sara H.



“I now know who I am, what I am about, and can easily say no or delegate literally everything else. Freedom is the true sign of wealth.” – Mateo G.


“I would pay for this webinar over and over and over. I left so encouraged, and supplied with everything I needed to do the work.” – Tim D.


“I put off doing this for waaay to long. 100% recommend this. Just do it.” – Charla T.