Networking: Pro Tips

..From my new networking guide
(Just a couple paragraphs from the over 100-pages of awesomesauce)


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Before you head out to network in-person, get your online-self prepared!

Create or update your bio—the profile(s) the world needs to see after they meet you in person.
– LinkedIn
– Twitter
– Where you blog (your site, Medium, Quora, etc)
– AngelList
– Etc.


  • These don’t have to be exact copies, but your profile should be your profile.
  • If you can, make all the photo avatars the same. It builds visual recognition.
  • Make sure the bio summaries are the same or at least very similar.
  • Make your LinkedIn or any network you’re on public, not private (otherwise why bother?).
  • Centralize on one contact email for all of them.

Have Google re-index your profile pages after you update them. Then if someone searches for you they see the newest profile.

This is more for another guide, but just know that every single social network prefers unique posts. Period.

  • You want to maximize engagement.
  • Don’t post external links.
  • Use unique photos/pics.
  • If you want the same post on three networks, then post it uniquely on each (don’t link back and forth).

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