I received very direct, “that idea can’t work” advice from a fellow founder today. I felt like this pic.

But the truth is, after I slept on it, he was 100% right.

It’s better to get some hard truth now and then, and stay on course, than to only have the sugar-coated niceness.

I would much rather know right away that an idea is off. Wouldn’t you?

This particular idea was a bit of a pipe dream, but nonetheless it felt visionary and cool. And he’s an expert in the space.

I could be bull-headed and press forward anyway. He could be wrong.

But I don’t think he is wrong. What he said made sense, and that is exactly what I needed. Sound counsel.

It’s still so hard to concede to good advice. By doing it, though, now I can repurpose that mental energy toward the next idea.

Do you have colleagues you trust to tell you things like they really are? And, are you listening…?

Photo: mine. THat’s my 8-yo snowshoeing.