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Nobody would hire me in my field out of college.

I was working retail (auto parts) and took a lower paying job in the warehouse of a company I wanted to work for.

It was humiliating.

But I worked the crap out of that job. I always volunteered to help out in any department that needed it.

I got to know everyone. Ate lunch with the line workers nobody wanted to talk to. Learned how they did their jobs and which parts were terrible.

I finally got a “massive” sideways ➡️ promotion out onto the assembly floor. It was harder work for the same pay.

No complaints.

I worked the crap out of that job. Ok, I sucked at it. My Filipina counterparts crushed my output every single day. smh

But it gave me access to the engineering group. I could now go ask them questions about product designs I “didn’t understand”.

Eventually, after several valid suggestions about how to make the assembly process better, they offered me a job as an Engineering assistant.

I was more qualified than any so-called engineer there. But I took it and worked the crap out of that job.

Nobody wanted an upstart fresh out of college. So I did what had to be done to forge a path forward.

Those lessons have driven every day of my entrepreneurial journey; my entire career really. What drives you?

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