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Zen and the art of crushing huge projects

This system can teach you how to turn hazy, nebulous, huge projects into small, focused pieces, and then apply real estimates, and actually finish it – get to the glorious end! Everyone has big projects. Everyone.

Yours might be managing a team of engineers to build that new thing, or a house remodel, or that side-hustle business, or wedding or event planning, or pivoting your business, or launching a new marketing campaign, or taking on more consulting clients, or writing that book (been there!), or…fill in the blank. If it’s big and hard to put an exact end date on it then Projectopia will help you.

There are some simple process steps that most people are able to apply right away. Just take my plan and use it. Bigger breakthroughs often come when you work with me and apply the complete system, follow through, and stick with it. Delivering on the plan is what separates the successful from the wishful thinkers.

Top 20 Growth Hacks

Learn how to leverage the 20 most-proven growth hacking concepts, tactics, strategies, and scripts I’ve found to attract more users and earn more sales for your business. Hack growth whether you’re a small business, a large business, or a personal brand.

You don’t need a massive budget to expand your marketing, you simply need to the drive to start making it happen. That’s really all “hacks” are is finding a way to get a lot done even when you have restrictive constraints (like budget or similar).

Free Ivy League Business Classes

This PDF has links to the over 70 free business courses that you can use to up your game, get a certification, change industries, add a skill, or whatever drives you. They’re available to anyone with a computer and a desire to learn. I simply took the time to find them and put them all together in place for you. Go #getsmart!


I share a lot of what I know in various ways. One of those is when I get invited onto someone’s podcast. Here are links to recent episodes.

This Is Product Management – Episode 193
Everyday Innovator – Episode 208
Construction Leading Edge – Episode 85
The ConTech Crew – Episode 125

Speaking Engagements

Speaking at local and national events is a great way to demonstrate your expertise and be seen as a knowledge leader. It’s also good for networking and growing your business. I highly recommend it. Here are links to some of my talks that have been recorded just for you.

AgileCamp NW (video)
ENR FutureTech (video)
NewTech PDX (video)

The following were not recorded to play back, but are some of the events at which I’ve had the privilege of speaking. If you’d like me to speak at your event, book a call with me.

2019 World Retail Congress
2019 B2B Online
2016 TechFestNW
2016 Cvent Connect
2016 ProductTank PDX
2016 Women Who Code
2016 Innovation In Motion
2013 Game Developers Conference – GDC
2013 Game Connection


I do enjoy writing, plus it helps me to refine new ideas. It’s especially fun to see my words appear in publication beyond my own blog. These are some of the publications in which my work can be found.

Mind The Product
Pocket Gamer
The Wall Street Journal
LA Tech Watch
Product Collective