You can't do it wrong if nobody knows what you're doing

There are two vastly different sides of product management. Developing toward the known. And discovering what you need to know.

The latter is the hard one, and of course ought to always come first.

I’m in that stage now. I love it. It’s crazy, unscripted, and constantly shifting. It involves talking to real customers, trying stuff, being ok with rejection. 😭

The main thing is that these two phases are DIFFERENT. We can’t approach them the same. Discovery is more similar to being a startup founder. Development is about trimming scope, staying focused, and delivering.

Sometimes, as PM’s, we need to switch between these modes concurrently. That gets really hard.

Just make sure you know which phase you’re in, assuming it’s the one you’re supposed to be in right now, and then focus on the right strategy and mindset for it.

Are you cutting scope and delivering on time? Or are you out finding the edges and inspiration?

Make sure you help your teammates adopt the right frame of mind along with you.

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