I was eating lunch at In-n-Out and it occurred to me, they’re like a case study in product management.

They could have such a large menu, and would likely sell from all of it. They could do more than burgers and fries. And some people would buy those items. The data might even look good.

But everything for everyone becomes mediocre.

Nothing is great anymore. But at In-n-Out everything is great.

Simple, cheap, fast…great. And like good product managers they’ve left the product open to “work arounds”. Some people call it the “secret” menu. You can get grilled onions, jalapeños, 5 hamburger patties, etc.

They don’t have to update menus. They don’t have to even market these tiny ‘features’, their raving fans tell each other.

What are you NOT saying no to? Is your core product great, or is it trying to be everything for everyone?

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