Your project is: late, over budget, failing, or worse


Quick. Tell me exactly when you’ll finish the big project you’re working on.


Don’t worry most people can’t.

They usually tell me how they’re losing sleep. Stressed. Overeating. Drinking. Struggling with team members. But they can’t tell me a true, real, actual, and accurate date.

I stripped my site bare for a reason. We all face too much noise and too little clarity these days. So I give you this simple truth:

You can crush your big projects.

And you can do it without stress, and with clarity, direction, and efficiency. Why do any of us stay stuck in the cycle of doom? I was there and it stressed me out to the point where it affected both me and my family.

You might cope differently, but can you relate?

My name is Andy Rosic, and I’ve helped drive over 100% growth at my last two companies in a row. A key piece of that was using my no-stress project method I call Projectopia. It’s Project + Utopia, or zen and the art of crushing huge projects.

I seem to be drawn to stressful roles. I’m a three-time startup founder, as well as a product manager for two decades.

After my last company, Cvent, was acquired I joined The Home Depot as an Innovation Product Manager. If THD was a country, we’d have a GDP similar to the countries of Hungary or Morocco.

To say that we’re taking on ‘big’ projects is an understatement.

For you and I, big project deadlines are a daily stress. How do I even quantify this massive effort? How do I commit to an accurate delivery date? 😱

It comes up for product managers, contractors, marketers, executives, most of us. From software development to construction jobs to fundraising.

I follow these “8” simple steps:

  1. Stop guessing. This is the worst, most stressful thing you can do.
  2. Write down the big steps that are absolutely required to make the project real.
  3. Now write down each little piece required to get to the ones above. Write it all out in detail.
  4. Put those under the big steps.
  5. Now the crucial part. Cut **everything** big & small that isn’t absolutely necessary. You or a customer would get stuck without having these.
  6. I said everything.
  7. What’s left is your minimum lovable thing you can deliver.
  8. Gather your team and then order and estimate each bit, add it up, and now you’ve got a timeline and solid plan for getting to the end.

That sounds easy, but you might be questioning whether or not you are ready to crush it.

Never fear. I said I stripped away the fluff on this site, but I would never cut the crucial pieces. I’m quite literally sharing everything I know about how to use this method with you.

I don’t want you to be stressed, I want you to be successful.

Guides, articles, videos are either here or on their way. All you need to do is consume and go do. This stuff actually can be fun. After years in the video game industry, studying human psychology, of course I can help to keep you motivated!

I recommend you sign up here to be notified when more content arrives. It’s a work in progress (want to see my projectopia for it?)

“But, Andy…,” you say, “I need more help than this!”

Roger that. I’ve got a live webinar series where I walk you through real customer projects and how to apply Projectopia to them. If you get in at the right time, I might even use yours.

I also do longer-term small group mentoring programs, but these are extremely limited on space. The mentoring program is currently accepting applicants.