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We will show you how to raise $500K to $2M+ from investors. 


Reasons we may not be a good fit:

  • You want to keep your business really small / side-hustle
  • Your priority is press and headlines (not real growth)
  • You’re at max customer capacity
  • You are too busy to learn a new skill
  • You just want money to come to you

Problems we fix

  • Boring pitch deck with no real story
  • No focus – your business solves too many problems
  • Missing a targeted customer with real pain
  • Not closing at least 1 new sale a day (or adding 10 new users)
  • Startup is making less money than it should
  • People with worse products are making more money
  • Bad/no leadflow
  • Unpredictable traction
  • Always building more product
  • Pitching endlessly to everyone and every event and getting nowhere
  • Attending networking events but not selling

You’ve undoubtedly heard all the same lies and outlier information about startups, too. Nobody needs a million users, or millions in sales, or rich friends to grow a great business and get investment. Investors have NOT stopped investing – don’t believe the headlines. Let’s get your facts straight, your story set, and get you growing and funded. It is 100X easier than you’ve been led to believe!


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Customer Success

Startups and divisions of companies who’ve benefited from my “Different” frameworks: The American Cancer Society, Kroger, DTE Materials, Apple, Metaplex Studios, Warner Bros, General Mills, The Home Depot, Cvent, Vivastream, Scout App, Hubb, Toolbelt, Portland State University, Sourced, 5th Kind, Thumb Arcade, Player 01, Marvel Studios, Universal, General Electric, Nordstrom, Verizon, Mama Soul, SkyCap, Intention Labs, RebelBase, KeepWith, iambic, Brilliantly, Voltaku Studios, OriginByte.
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