Where does all the time go? I recently saw an image about how much usage several major services or brands get every 60-seconds online.

Here’s the pic:

internet minute 2017

Thank you to Lori Lewis and Chadd Callahan for putting this together.

It’s quite mind-blowing to think how much time and attention is spent on things that didn’t even exist a few years ago! I mean, we spend 8-years worth of watching Netflix every minute. 😳

While this image is powerful and certainly highlights our online voracity, it shows each item visually as equal to the others. And I wanted to see what this same “pie chart” looked like if each slice was relative to its actual quantity. Yes, the data nerd in me came out. And so I created the charted version of this information.

Without really thinking about the numbers ahead of time, I assumed some big and some smaller pie slices. But, what came out in the chart is EXTREMELY lopsided. Basically, we email and text 13 times more than everything else combined online.

60-seconds online chart @arosic

Is Instagram a powerful social network? Definitely. Does LinkedIn offer targeted business and recruiting connections? Of course. Do we binge too many videos and movies? You bet your remote.

But email is still far and away the king.

When you see posts by Gary Vaynerchuk saying that Instagram is 0.0001% of his business strategy, do you think he’s exaggerating to make a point?

No. He’s serious.

Email is still the way we communicate meaningfully and regularly to everyone in our community.

Social is, well, social. The networks control the feed, they vary visibility, people aren’t always on or always alerted.

Emails, in contrast, get through to everyone. They can wait until the recipient is ready to read and respond. They can be saved for later. They can contain far more information. They can be accessed by wider audiences.

While emails may not *feel* like the new thing, or the exciting thing, they deliver the most value “per post” than any other medium available today.

If you ask Jason Calacanis why he killed off the “Inside” news app, he’ll tell you it was the fact that their email newsletter was crushing it in usage. Inside now has almost 30 different news curation options, with more coming, and they are all delivered by email.

The question, then, to you is, “How are you building and leveraging your email list?”

You can’t grow if you don’t connect. And based on the numbers, people are connecting a ton over email.

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