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General website to find AI tools

There’s An AI For That



Consumer Tools

ChatGPT (now includes plug-ins to other apps and the internet – may need a paid plan)

Forefront (GPT 3.5+ & 4.0 w/o the fees and a fun UI)

Notion AI built-in (command + J on a Mac)

Bard (sort of meh, but getting smarter)

Midjourney 100x better results over Dall-E. But be prepared for a discord world of hell!

Video tools are good, not great. Can be highly leveraged by existing experts. Or else can spit out some pretty average or horrific stuff otherwise. Options: Runway, Pictory, Synthesia, Deepbrain AI, Synthesys,, InVideo, Synths Video,,, and so many more each day.

DoNotPay highly focused and trained AI for legal matters, saving money on bills and subscriptions, and similar. Low cost and super simple to use for everyone.


Why do I want AI?

Think about: What is technical? What is not yet understood? Would you need an expert? Skip the waiting, the learning, and the fees and do it yourself with AI.

  • Rapid software prototyping
  • Debugging
  • Writing or rewriting content
  • Data analysis in plain text
  • Multi-dimensional data analysis
  • Professional outputs (legal, hr, accounting)
  • And/or learn how to do the things above by using AI 🙂


Every day you should ask:

  1. How can I use AI instead?
  2. How can I plug AI into my product/service?


Prompt Advice

AI services are intelligent but dumb – no street-smarts or human savvy earned over time. Treat it like it’s a young kid with an important task and you’re giving explicit instructions on what to do, where to go, how to do it, how you expect it completed, etc.

Give context. Who should the AI be? Why do you want this? What do you expect in the answer? Is there relevant information that AI needs to know? Are there constraints like time, cost, geography, accessibility, etc? Do you need answers in a list, in a grid view, or..?

Err on the side of telling it too much, rather than putting in a one-line ask and expecting it to divine everything you were hoping to receive back.

Also, know that you can put in hundreds of lines of text. So you can sort of “quick train” it to know your writing style, or read a contract, or read social posts like this, and so on.

Refine! Don’t accept every first answer. Ask a follow-up or give guidance based on the last answer. Ex: that’s helpful, but I only want to know about customers who are 18 to 25 years old. Ex2: that code looks useful, but how would you deploy it on AWS to make it work?

GPT prompt templates:


Try GPT or an equivalent for:

Accounting help. “Pretend you are AccountantGPT. You’re a senior analyst at a tax firm. Here is an email from my accountant. Explain it to me like I’m 16”

“I run a business that X, and we want to Y, how should we Z our money?”


Money management. “You are an elite wealth advisor. My situation is this, and I want to optimize my investment portfolio to achieve the following outcomes…A, B, C, in the following number of years, and here is what I earn, my assets, etc.”


Dev requirements. Create the best dev project requirements (spec / brief) ever, to get the exact results you want. This is a little more technical, but if you know the code language you want to use then you can request actual code segments along with detailed descriptions and notes. Enter problem statements, customer jobs to be done, and constraints. Let AI return back suggestions, code, acceptance criteria, and more. This gives you a super-prepared document to hand off to a dev team, and sets them up to successfully deliver back exactly what you wanted. Faster and cheaper.


Product Marketing Copy

Marketing Copy. Give it a few prompts about the topic and desired style, technical depth, purpose of the piece, call(s) to action, and so on. Tell it about your company or brand. And tell it your ideal customer profile. You can even request for SEO optimization within the content.

You can also work backward. Have existing drafts or old (but evergreen) content? Feed it that and ask for an expert copywriter rewrite (with a new or specific focus, or not).

Feed it a link to a video or someone else’s post, and ask for a similar article or summary that doesn’t plagiarize and yet conveys the same core information.

Don’t forget to EDIT, fact-check, and use your own brand guidelines and sense of creativity!!

AI can also devise a social or blog posting schedule, come up with titles and topics, and get you 80% of the way there. Remember, you still own the outcome of what you do and publish!

Data / Research. Use internet-connected versions (if you need newer data than 2021) to do competitive research, market research, customer demographic gathering and persona generation, search and return answers from your own databases (must use API for this), setup Airtable/Notion bases, devise unbiased product research questions, and generally to get simple answers to what would be complex data questions all through easy text-based prompts.


Extra Links

Here are a few uniquely-focused AI tools. Visit the link at the top of this page to see all the things that there are AIs built to do for you.

  1. Beatoven: Create unique royalty-free music that elevates your story Link:
  2. Cleanvoice: Automatically edit your podcast episodes Link:
  3. Podcastle: Studio quality recording, right from your computer Link:
  4. Flair: Design branded content in a flash Link:
  5. Illustroke: Create killer vector images from text prompts Link:
  6. Patterned: Generate the exact patterns you need for a design Link:
  7. Stockimg: Generate the perfect stock photo you need, every time Link:
  8. Copy: AI Generated copy, that actually increases conversion Link:
  9. CopyMonkey: Create Amazon listings in seconds Link:
  10. Ocoya: Create and schedule social media content 10x faster Link:
  11. Unbounce Smart Copy: Write high-performing cold emails at scale Link:
  12. Vidyo: Make short-form vids from long-form content in just a few clicks Link:
  13. Maverick: Generate personalized videos at scale Link:
  14. Quickchat: AI chatbots that automate customer service charts Link:
  15. Puzzle: Build an AI-powered knowledge base for your team and customers Link:
  16. Soundraw: Stop searching for the song you need. Create it. Link:
  17. Cleanup: Remove any wanted object, defect, people, or text from your pictures in seconds Link:
  18. Resumeworded: Improve your resume and LinkedIn profile Link:
  19. Looka: Design your own beautiful brand Link:
  20. Synthesia: Create AI videos by simply typing in text. Link:
  21. descript: New way to make video and podcasts Link:
  22. Otter: Capture and share insights from your meetings Link:
  23. Inkforall: AI content (Generation, Optimization, Performance) Link:
  24. Thundercontent: Generate Content with AI Link:
  25. Ssemble: AI plugins and avatars for your videos



This page will be obsolete the moment I hit publish. But that’s ok. Especially if you are just starting. Just start. The tips and help above will get you going. Pretty soon you can write your own “all about AI” blog post with the new things that you learn along the way.

I have not tried every link or service mentioned above. Your mileage will vary. 

None of this page was written with AI.

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