Quixote Man of La Mancha

Credit: unknown – I cannot find who created this (but want to)

Even my own father told me I was like Don Quixote fighting the windmill.

It’s one thing when it feels like the world is against you. But it’s extra tough when your family is, too.

I didn’t let it stop me. It fueled me.

I surged ahead boldly.
And failed.

My partner and I shut down our first startup the day after we got nationwide distribution agreements. Our only supplier (yes, we did that) doubled their price when we placed our first full order.

Fwiw, hardware startups are extra HARD.

A couple of years later I was in the NYC office of a well-known investor pitching my first software startup. It was truly unique, solved a legitimate and painful problem, and was scalable.

His tech advisor walks in and says “isn’t this like x”? That company had just announced their launch that very morning in the press. That meeting was over before it truly began.

I had to pivot and face the reality that I would not be able to raise money right then. Score another one for the windmill.

I have failed repeatedly in my own startups and in roles at other companies. But the label of failure doesn’t define me.

The lessons make me powerful.

I’m street tough. Hardened by rejection, failure, and a lot of naysayers. And because of that, I will out-execute, out-deliver, and outlast you.

I’m not afraid.

As you battle the blurry enemy before you, what’s your secret 🔎 weapon?

Comment and tell your failure->success story! 👇

Btw, my Dad and I made up. It just took a little while.