The straightforward advice is just what readers need.” – Lizzy Spano

Finally! The book created to truly accelerate your networking success.


Who should read this:

Startup founders, business leaders, civic organizers, or anyone trying to build their personal brand, cause, or business—and that includes job hunters, too.  

What to expect:

  • What causes us to avoid or fail at networking
  • How to prepare your online presence the right way
  • Where to go locally to start building your business network
  • How to meet and interact with people; how to be memorable
  • How to take it up a notch and get speaking engagements
  • How to expand your reach globally online
  • How to increase loyalty in your network

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Book: F-E-A-R How To Overcome The One Thing Keeping You From Business Networking

F-E-A-R How To Overcome The One Thing Keeping You From Business Networking

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Praise for F-E-A-R book

“Business networking is critical to our success. But too many people view it as torture, rather than opportunity. Andy Rosic shows a path forward that makes networking meaningful and enjoyable, even if you’re an introvert.” — DORIE CLARK, author of “Reinventing You” and “Stand Out”, and adjunct professor, Duke University Fuqua School of Business
“One snippet of this content was included in our growth hacking guide. In 24 hours, the Facebook post got over 100 shares and 1,200+ people downloaded the eBook in the first 10 hours. That’s one download every 30 seconds!” — VIN CLANCY, growth hacker, best-selling author of “Secret Sauce”, and co-founder of Traffic and Copy
“Wow… this is insane, there are at least 6 things that I will implement this week! Thanks so much!” — MARC FOI, Founder at Throwr

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