I am giving you the survey

I am going to give you the entire survey below – in whatever tool you use, don’t forget to make it anonymous! Please use it and pass it on to fellow founders. Let me add that with any survey results it’s all in the reading and interpreting of the responses. I do offer this as a service, where you can have me give you a complete analysis of the results. So, if you’re interested, let me pass on some insights to you. I have founded multiple startups, mentored even more, and achieved exits totaling nearly $2Bn.

If you choose to do this yourself, then here is where to start when analyzing the results.

  • Multiple similar answers to a question indicates a strong pattern, positive or negative
  • A variety of answers to a question indicates a lack of clarity – dig in here!
  • Any answer you want to excuse or protest is one you need to immediately do some self-soul-searching on
  • Don’t freak out. These are early indicators, and you most likely still have time to correct course
  • This is about your whole team’s health, not your ego
  • The more painful the responses, the more likely you already know how to fix it
  • If you reach uncharted territory, reach out to me 🙂