This is it. I’ve boiled down the entire method into one, short, introduction PDF. You can start applying this immediately to your own projects.

If this is helpful, please tell a friend. Nobody wants to live stuck in project hell!


Zen and the art of crushing huge projects

This system can teach you how to turn hazy, nebulous, huge projects into small, focused pieces, and then apply real estimates to finish strong – get to the glorious end! Everyone has big projects. Everyone.

Yours might be managing a team of engineers to build that new thing, or a house remodel, or that side-hustle business, or wedding or event planning, or pivoting your business, or launching a new marketing campaign, or taking on more consulting clients, or writing that book (been there!), or…fill in the blank. If it’s big and hard to put an exact end date on it then Projectopia will help you.

There are some simple process steps that most people can apply right away. Just take my plan and use it. Bigger breakthroughs often come when you work with me and apply the complete system, follow through, and stick with it. Delivering on the plan is what separates the successful from the wishful thinkers.