My name is Andy Rosic, and I’ve helped drive over 100% growth at my last two companies in a row. A key component of that was using my Projectopia method. Early in my career, I floundered with big goals or big projects. In fact, two startups were painful failures because I didn’t know how to do this.

By using my Projectopia method I’ve since been a part of profitable exits, and my career is in my control.

This is so important—it comes up in almost every mentoring session I have—that I decided to do something I’ve never done and teach you how to master it too.

Publications, Podcasts, and Such

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Podcast guest on:

2018 – This Is Product Management – Episode 193
2018 – Everyday Innovator – Episode 208
2018 – Construction Leading Edge – Episode 85
2018 – The ConTech Crew – Episode 125

Speaker at:

2019 – World Retail Congress
2019 – B2B Online
2018 – AgileCamp NW (video)
2018 – ENR FutureTech (video)
2018 – NewTech PDX (video)
2016 – TechFestNW
2016 – Cvent Connect

Lessons Learned

As a repeat startup founder, entrepreneur, and product guy, I have a learned a lot about what to do and not do when it comes to startups, product development, growth, and business in general. I’ve grown revenue as much as 20x, and created massive shareholder returns. But I’ve also pivoted more times than I can count, as well as had to shut companies down.

A few things have become repeat themes for me and those I mentor

  1. You have to get out in the world with your product or service and sell
  2. Using psychology and smart game mechanics drive customer engagement and growth better than anything else
  3. You can do more with less money than you think
  4. You must have a plan you can crush

I’ve primarily been focused on SaaS and mobile throughout my career. At one startup we landed Apple retail, globally, by pioneering smartphone mobile payments. (And helped to inspire Jack Dorsey in the kickoff of Square.) I also led a mobile gaming startup to millions of paid installs, before free-to-play existed, with a take on “6 degrees of Kevin Bacon” and a children’s game called “My Underwear”—which is always fun to talk about.

It takes a lot of hustle and drive to be successful. And it takes a strong community around you to get you there. That’s why I wrote a book, a guide really, on business networking. You should read it.

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In Their Own Voice

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