🙌 Things I’ve learned about myself while running a startup – here are 10 things + extra credit

1. No matter how hard I promote a launch, it doesn’t mean people will see it or buy that thing.

No matter how hard I work it doesn’t mean it will pay off (when you want it to).

2. I often spend a lot of time trying to get people to buy who will never buy, versus paying attention to people who really care about me.

3. To found a company, you really find out what you’re worth.

It is like hopping on the scale when you don’t want to. Sometimes you are pleasantly surprised. Other times you hate yourself

4. Think about creating and fostering communities in the communities that like what you’re doing.

This can be niches on the internet, or actual locations.

5. Some of the biggest markets I have are places I go to and hang out in for more than a day. Physical locations and internet groups.

Be giving to the market and the market returns with amazing fruits (of life)

6. If I don’t have a hit product, I work to see how I can tailor it within my key communities.

Help the biggest fans and soon others will love you, too (like a hit song!)

7. Sleep is very important. Get it while you can.

You are better off sleeping than ruining everything in front of you and blaming it on your sleeping patterns 🙂 I work really hard. And so should you. But each person has to recognize their own limits and find a proper pace.

8. I choose my battles and am nice to everyone, and apologize immediately.

Or make sure your co-founder is always nice and super effective with people! 😀

9. Grab everyones email in the universe The email list is still king.

But don’t shortcut it. Crappy list building schemes can kill your cred and ruin trust faster than anything else.

10. I am grateful and I make sure everyone is having a great time, even when sometimes I’m not!

Extra credit: The more you collaborate, the more you create.